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Most of the projects I'm working on are under NDA, so cannot be revealed publicly. Hopefully my side projects are not. Here collected some of them I developed as a hobby.


A search interface to job vacancies posted on Hacker News forum (Ask HN: Who is hiring?). To make magic work all job vacancies are parsed, pre-processed and cached. Under the hood: Rails, Stimulus.js, D3.js

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Five minute to work

Another job searching service based on job location. It just shows latest job vacancies on the map. Simple but effective. To make it work it scraps job sites, parses vacancies, grabs location, finds its geolocation and places marker to the map.

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Beauty shops aggregator for Russian-speaking segment. Mainly developed for studying Ruby on Rails framework, soon it turned to a separate product with its own audience. Key-features include full-text search using Sphinx and data-scraping written on Perl.

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Rack Yandex Metrika

A Ruby gem. It's a simple Rack middleware to help injecting the Yandex Metrika tracking code in a website.

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Tank Auth

Tank Auth is an authentication library for PHP-framework CodeIgniter. It's based on DX Auth, although the code was seriously reworked.

The key points of the library are:

  • Very compact (less than 20 files and 4 DB-tables)
  • Using phpass library for password hashing (instead of unsafe md5).
  • Registration is instant or after activation by email (optional).
  • CAPTCHA support (native and reCAPTCHA are available).

and many more…

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