Ilya Konyukhov


Ilya Konyukhov

Web Developer, IT Consultant

Toronto, Canada


I am a software developer and IT consultant specializing on Ruby on Rails and React.JS applications.

Powered by years of coding on C++, Java, Perl, PHP and Ruby, now I prefer focusing on web development using Ruby on Rails and React.JS frameworks. The scope of my work includes back-end programming, developing data models in MySQL, PostgreSQL or NoSQL solution, front-end development using modern bells and whistles and supporting application deployed to dedicated or cloud servers.

Some of my clients know me as a software product- and project-manager. My management experience includes team leading, vision and road plan mapping, new product development, project management, requirement writing, analysis to go-to market launches. I have worked with offshore teams & responsible for re engineering processes and implementing agile development methodologies, learned from a variety of online verticals including high-load blog platforms, social media, dating services, mobile applications and game industry.


Angara Software

Full stack Ruby on Rails / ReactJS Developer

Angara Software
- Toronto, Canada

Now I continue to work in software development area but on independent basis. My specialization is web development using Ruby on Rails and ReactJS frameworks. Some of the projects I've done (fully or in collaboration with my colleagues):
Ginzametrics makes enterprise SEO and Content Marketing simple and easy to manage. The most scalable SEO platform on the market, Ginzametrics serves the needs of advertisers, agencies and ecommerce companies in over 120 global markets.
QRIDit Home Watch
SaaS solution for the household industry that allows homewatch business owners to manage all aspects of their business with one convenient software. The key features of the project are: multitenancy (it's a single application installation that serves multiple companies each with their own set of users); task scheduler / recurring tasks; geolocation for checking inspector's position; QR-codes for instant access to site's properties.
A search engine for social media. Developed from scratch, now on pre-release stage.
Online shops aggregator for Russian-speaking segment. Developed from scratch.

I'm available to hire. Please contact me at


Tech. Product Manager

- London, United Kingdom is the largest, fastest growing Social Network for Meeting New People in the world, very popular in Southern Europe, South America, Eastern Europe and parts of Asia. Launched in 2006 by ex-Mamba team, it very quickly grew up to a world-wide service with over 200 million users in over 180 countries. Badoo is currently available in 46 languages via and various social/mobile platforms as iPhone, Android, Facebook & Desktop application.

After relocation to London, UK I continued working in Badoo as technical product manager. My key focus areas were Customer Support and Localization. Main responsibilities included the following:

  • Business requirements gathering
  • Creating roadmaps, timelines, product and market specifications
  • Demand Management and Scenario Analysis
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Creating working prototypes for new features
  • Optimizing back-office user experience

Major Achievements:

  • Launching new localization process workflow to reduce cost of content translating
  • Developing web-based localization system for mobile clients
  • Launching SEO management tools for centralized control over site SEO
  • Prototyping and launching photo moderation tools
  • Launching multiple tools for Customer Support combined system

Project Manager / Product Owner

Badoo Development
- Moscow, Russian Federation

I joined Badoo team when it was a web-site with 10 million of registered users. As Product owner my key responsibilities were:

  • Working with key stakeholders, defining the product roadmap
  • Capturing and providing requirements for developing new services for the site
  • Managing web development process using Agile methodologies
  • Job allocation among team members and team supervision, test management, version control and authorization of new releases
  • Release management in collaboration with remoted localization team
  • Seeking and hiring new members of development team
  • Optimizing development processes

During my work in Badoo the development department was rebuilt several times so my role was changing as well, from product owner to project manager with 15 employees in direct control. Key objective remained unchanged. Site audience grew up to 120 millions of registered users. The break-even point was achieved after launching premium services as Spotlight, Rise Up and Gifts.

SUP Fabrik

Project Manager / Lead Analyst

SUP Fabrik
- Moscow, Russian Federation

SUP Fabrik is a media company based in Moscow. Launched in 2006 for servicing Russia-based segment of, one of the most popular blogging site and social media platform, it grew up to a media holding company which owns (30+ million blogs),,,, and some others.

I was invited to SUP in 2006 to lead development of, a local news digest of My duty involved managing all aspects of product development and roll out, from user experience and site requirements to day-to-day management and product placement online and offline. My responsibilities were:

  • Business requirements gathering
  • Creating roadmaps, timelines, budgets, product specifications and market specifications
  • Planning, estimating, Demand Management and scenario analysis
  • Understanding existing markets and identifying new market opportunities for business growth
  • Defining the integration of Single Sign On with
  • Managing team of web developers to deliver project in time

After successful launch of I focused on project to integrate commenting service onto 3rd company sites. Key responsibilities were the same. As a result of this project LJ commenting functionality was successfully embedded into 20+ media sites (,, RIAN, Izvestia and others) which strengthened position of as a blogging platform #1 in Russia.


Project Manager

- Moscow, Russian Federation

Since its creation in 2002 Mamba has become the largest social networking site in Russia and CIS countries with 10+ millions of active users.

I joined Mamba team in 2005 right after it was sold to venture fund Finam and many employees left the company. My main responsibility was to re-organize web development department in the company. The role included:

  • Searching and hiring new members of development team, mostly PHP- and DB- developers
  • Managing all aspects of technical architecture and design, software development, QA, delivery and deployment
  • Backlog management and requirement gathering
  • Defining and monitoring KPIs
  • Leading business-critical B2B negotiations about launching company premium services in regions and partnership with 3rd party media companies

Major Achievements: built-established development process, 9 new programmers were hired, site enriched with new services as horoscope for couples, advanced search and profile customization.


Release Producer / Account Manager

- Moscow, Russian Federation

Founded in 2001 as mobile game developing and publishing company, very soon Reaxion became one of the key players on the market. The company's specialization was high-performance mobile applications for Qualcomm's BREW and Java platforms.

My role in the company was quite versatile:

  • Managing a number of game projects as publishing manager (Fight Hard 3D, Poonsy, Hero's Quest, etc.)
  • Creating roadmaps, timelines, product and market specifications
  • Maintaining product lifecycle: QA, certification, managing onto carriers phone ranges.
  • Determining the optimum range of headsets for optimizing company's cost of product development and increasing profit
  • Collaboration with partners and 3rd party suppliers for new innovative products
  • B2B negotiations about delivering company's portfolio onto carrier networks such as Verizon, US Cellular, VIVO, BellSouth and others
Buka Entertainment

PC Game Producer

Buka Entertainment
- Moscow, Russian Federation

Buka Entertainment is a publisher and distributor of first-rate PC games meant for worldwide distribution. Headquartered in Moscow, Russia, it also runs publishing activity in North America and has strong partnerships with the leading companies around the globe.

Acting as a game producer and publisher representative, my key objective was to help distributed teams with managing game development within defined "Iron Triangle" constraints: time, quality and budget.

Key Successes: Launched 3 game products on PC platform.


C++ Programmer

- Moscow, Russian Federation

Nikita is a pioneer company in Russian game development. Founded in 1991, the company became famous after releasing PC-game Parkan. Followed projects Parkan II and Iron Strategy strengthened position of the company as a serious player in game industry. Today it is one of the leading Russian publishers with over a hundred games of various genres in portfolio.

As C++ programmer I was responsible for coding tasks such as physics engine development, collision detection system, maintaining game utilities, game resource management. The games Parkan.Iron Strategy and Safari Biathlon I was working on were successfully launched in 2001-2002.



Master's degree, Computer Science

Lomonosov Moscow State University (MSU)
- Moscow, Russian Federation

Telecommunication Technologies


Bachelor of Science, Computer Science

Lomonosov Moscow State University (MSU)
- Moscow, Russian Federation

Applied Mathematics & Cybernetics, Computational Linguistics

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